A Sure Thing: Meet R&B Singer Miguel

By Brittany Rodgers


With his hit song, “Sure Thing,” and a crazy fan base thanks to MySpace, R&B singer Miguel is making his name in the music industry as a solo artist.

In addition to being an aspiring vocalist, Miguel is also a producer and songwriter, co-writing number ones like Musiq and Mary J. Blige’s “If You Leave.” The 23-year-old Jive recording artist (full name Miguel Jontel) describes his sound as daring, dangerous and sexy, and now he is more than ready for the world to hear what he brings to R&B.

The biracial singer (he’s half-black and half-Mexican) was born and raised in Los Angeles and says he was inspired by singers such as Prince, Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones.   

“I started singing when I was 5 years old, [and I] started writing when I was 8,” Miguel said.

Miguel first gained underground attention for his collaborations with Blu on “Below the Heavens,” soon thereafter releasing his mixtape “Mischief-The Mixtape,” a collection of seven original songs. He says that the video for his current single, “Sure Thing,” which has had over 4.5 million MySpace plays, will be coming soon.

“MySpace is a huge reason why I am where I’m at,” he said. “It [was] a turning point.” Miguel said that he is honored and privileged to be buzzing on the internet and doesn’t take it for granted as an artist.           

Not only is Miguel’s music booming over the internet, but he also has worked with artists such as Asher Roth (he was featured on his debut album “Asleep in the Bread Aisle”) and Usher on his new album “Raymond V Raymond.”      

Miguel said he would love to work with artists such as M.I.A, Alicia Keys, Lady GaGa and some independent bands. “I want to do as many shows as possible,” Miguel said. “I’m getting my band and set together to be prepared for the future—get ready.”          

For the rest of 2010, Miguel said he is shooting for being on tour by the end of the summer. He also currently has a song out with J. Cole titled, “All I Want is You” and is still in the works for a title for the album.

Miguel's fans can reach him via twitter @migmoney and his Facebook name Miguel. Also, fans can listen to his music and keep up with Miguel at www.officialmiguel.com.


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