Gloss Magazine Online Media Kit


Executive Summary: The staff at Glossmagazineonline (GMO) strives to create a publication that embraces and explores pop culture as it is related to young, trendsetting, African American women. The publication is an interactive tool that connects woman of color and allows expression, creativity and a voice on issues that this woman cares about in an online environment that fosters this spirit.

Company Summary: Glossmagazineonline publishes news that African American women, age 18-34, cares about. The publication intends to be THE online destination for news that matters to this diverse group of women. Whether you're interested in what's going on in Hollywood or Washington, want to know the latest treatments being considered for diabetes, or if you're searching for a deal on a little black dress, Glossmagazineonline wants you to come to us FIRST! We want to make sure that the concerns of African American women that are all but ignored in other publications are answered in our virtual pages. What sets us apart from other similar publications is its cutting edge approach to pop-culture coverage. The magazine is interactive. We want you to publish and respond to news on the site. The GLOSS woman is educated and getting her life together. Whether she is enrolled in college or just getting her feet wet in her chosen career field, the GLOSS woman is in need of news that is for HER – coverage of things that are a part of HER everyday world.

Services/Products: The product is quite simply the online magazine. The service that Glossmagazineonline provides lies in its content. The magazine is for and by women of African American decent who do not always see positive images of themselves in the media, or have access to publications that focus on their individual experiences and needs as women of color. Furthermore, the development of the content is crucial to what will sets Glossmagazineonline apart. Instead of telling this group of women what they want to see in a publication for them, we asks them first! Through two rounds of surveys directed at African American women in Chicago, New York and D.C., the content that fills our glossy pages was created. Furthermore, the staff that makes up Glossmagazineonline also consists of up-in-coming writers, photographers, poets, models and designers. The hands on research combined with a young staff that keeps things fresh and smart, not only puts a face on the magazine, but continues to create the product–a service that fills a need for honest content that young African American women want to read.

Market Analysis Summary: Glossmagazineonline marketing is directed towards these target segments:

  • Young African American women, ages 18-34
  • Income level varies, from students making less than $10,000 a year to professional women making up to $100,000 an year.
  • Suburban and city women
  • College students
  • Young, Urban Professionals
  • Single Mothers
  • Young married women

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