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why Read an excerpt from this new non-fiction book that touches on an issue that has received lots of press lately (From Tiger to Jesse). Why DO men cheat with women who are “less” attractive than their wife or girlfriend? See what La-Paz has to say and then take the conversation to the Glossy Blog. Click HERE.


Excerpt from Why Do Married Men Cheat With Unattractive Women?:


When I found out that my best friend’s husband was unfaithful, I was shocked!

After all, my attractive friend (who we will call “Judie”) is a gorgeous model - and she knows how to turn heads.

I was with Judie when she located the other woman’s picture online, and how can I put this…the other woman had a face that only a mother could love. It was visibly noticeable that this woman was out of shape - and not by a couple pounds, mind you!

The other woman was a brick community house! She also had bad skin and had obviously missed a couple trips to the dentist.

The other woman simply did not take pride in her appearance. To be honest, I was a little disappointed to see the results. I had figured if Judie’s husband cheated on her, then the other woman must have been drop dead gorgeous!

Sadly, I got to wondering, Why do married men cheat with unattractive women?

Eventually, I asked Judie’s now former husband what made him cheat with the homely chick. He explained that the other woman made him feel good about himself Judie expected too much of him. This charming other woman was eager to please him physically and mentally.

He went on to say that she showered him with compliments all the time, important gestures of the heart in which he claimed Judie never participated.

In Judie's defense, I know if her husband would have simply told her what he expected from her, she would have gone the extra mile.

I have come to realize that this issue has no boundaries. Even Hollywood stars have fallen victim to this bizarre case. We have all witnessed Hollywood wives whose husband’s have ditched them for unattractive or even less successful women. Insecurity may very well be the cause of most Hollywood break-ups.

In obvious cases, when a man leaves his wife for a woman twenty years younger, he is consoling the urges of his mid-life crisis, and the other woman finally has the dad she always wanted.

However, in the case of the man that leaves his Swan Princess for the Ugly Duckling, he is now considered the poor guy who needs to console his insecurities.

And now the unattractive woman can brag to all her friends about how she stole Barbie’s husband.



Judie's Friend Till The End!



“As harsh and shallow as Judie' friend may appear she is not alone. Many beautiful women are adamant in finding out why their husbands chose to cheat down. Cheating down is a subject without boundaries. No woman is safe not even Hollywood wives.” States Author, and relationship guru Emunah La-Paz.

La-Paz’s research attracted responses from all perspectives. In which unfaithful men disclose why they willingly desired to cheat down on their beautiful wives.

The book also covers the viewpoint through the eyes of the so called “unattractive” women who share why they believe beautiful women like Judie are incapable of meeting the needs of their husband.

Also one woman reveals the only road block that will prevent women from cheating with married men. You will be surprised to find out this #1 Deal breaker!

Emunah La-Paz’s riveting and perceptive nonfiction book, ‘Why Do Married Men Cheat With Unattractive Women?’

The Web Phenomenon Now on Amazon.com

Emunah La-Paz is also the author of 'Say What? The Black Butterfly Series' La-Paz's 4 part book trailer can also be found on IMDb the #1 Movie Database on the web.

For more on Emunah La-Paz, visit La-Paz’s Facebook Page and her website, EmunahLaPaz.com.


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