Floetry: Straight: No Chaser. No Ice.

Thursday, 06 August 2015 23:26 Written by  Iya Bakare

And that’s how they served it. Music lovers ‘let their souls glow’ at The Shrine (www.theshrinechicago.com) last Wednesday night as they gathered to see a once in a lifetime experience when soul duo Floetry made a stop on their reunion tour. After nine years, songstress Marsha Ambrosius and floacist Natalie Stewart instantly reminded the crowd why they missed their musical chemistry.

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At Chicago’s South Loop lounge, the dynamic duo graced the stage after their opening act, singer/songwriter Janine and the Mixtape, whose soulful sound set the tone for the headlining act. As they bounced to the beats of some of Floetry’s upbeat hits such as “Supastar” and “Butterflies”, the crowd reminisced as they swayed to the favorites “Sunshine”, “Getting Late”, “Say Yes”, among others.

The musical experience wasn’t absent from social awareness. A part of Natalie’s flow included her mention of the late Sandra Bland, how we as a community consider ourselves ‘free’ in many aspects, but may not be when it comes to situations we can’t control. The world consists of social injustice, even in our own country and neighborhoods. Her mantras through song uplifted the crowd as they repeated lyrics in unison.

After Natalie’s segment, Marsha performed some of her solo hits with her unique, charismatic flow. Her playful lyrics, skits, scats and acrobatic tempos and pitches she delivered to the crowd proved infectious. Her sense of humor during the concert added to the euphoric atmosphere.

Natalie and Marsha closed the show with a melody of some of the biggest hits of R&B history. The evening was a musical experience that only divine intervention and true talent can create. Over a decade ago, Floetry introduced a magical and musical flow unlike any other in the entertainment scene. And one that has yet to be or could be duplicated.

Iya Bakare

Iya Bakare

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